F.Rabe — Basta for trombone solo (1982)

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Maksim Starshinov (композитор, тромбон)

Folke Rabe (28 October 1935 — 25 September 2017) was a Swedish composer. He was born in Stockholm and studied at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, where his teachers included Karl-Birger Blomdahl, Ingvar Lidholm, György Ligeti and others. He died in Stockholm, aged 81. His works include the electronic drone pieces What? (also translated as «Was??») (1968), Basta for solo trombone (1982), Escalations for brass quintet (1988), Concerto for trombone: «All the Lonely People» (1989) featuring quotes from The Beatles' «Eleanor Rigby», and With Love No. 1 and 2 for piano (1988). A more extensive list is given below. Performed by Starshinov Maksim (trombone) Rachmaninov hall Moscow Conservatory 6 March 2019

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