Фестиваль «Grand Piano in Palace»

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Good afternoon, dear friends! When the idea first came to our mind to create a festival, we decided to make it in St. Petersburg, in an amazing city: in the place where great people were born and are being born, in the place where art is born. At some period of my life I traveled a lot and won a significant number of contests. And I was always questioning myself: «What's after this? What will happen next when the contests end? «. Then the concert life begins. Over time, I realized that, first of all, for a novice artist it is very important that there is a continuation. So that the child has hope, faith and realization of his capabilities right here and right now, without delaying it on a long journey. Various magnificent concert venues and museums opened the doors for the festival participants: the House of Composers of St. Petersburg, the Marble Palace, the Kochneva House, and finally, the St. Petersburg Opera House.

The festival will take place from 2nd to 9th of August in 2019. During this period, festival participants will be able to get several master classes and to perform with two orchestras: chamber and symphonic. Finally, they will be able to express themselves in different concert guises.

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