M.Starshinov — Chopin's Polonaise (2014) (perf. by E.Shkultin)

Добавлено 30 декабря 2018 Starmax17

Maksim Starshinov (композитор, тромбон)

Chopin’s Polonaise (2014) The title of the work says who I was inspired when I wrote this music. This work was written back in 2014, it was then that I began to compose something worthwhile (or rather, I tried, but it never happened to me). This work has long been in the archive, and finally managed to write it down. Performed by Evgeny Shkultin Free notes can be downloaded here: https://m-star.musicaneo.com/ru/sheetmusic/sm-274502_polonez_shopena.html

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