Alexander Vinitsky. Six jazz etudes for Classical Guitar.

Добавлено 28 сентября 2017 Александр Виницкий

Александр Виницкий (гитара, композитор)

Александр Виницкий. Шесть джазовых этюдов для классической гитары.

Editeur :

VINITSKY Alexander
Classical Guitar Magazine, England, Paul Fowles.
«It's not often that a reviewer is heard shouting „Eureka!“ but I came close very close to it on reading through this marvelous set of six studies (published by the French publishing house „Lemoine“). Here it is at last; jazz for the classical guitar which sounds like a real thing. Vinitsky gets ever thing right. His writing is one hundred percent guitarist, and yet he never once lapses into the age-old cliches…, also knows how to write a good tune, the final study (subtitle Eugenia) being one of thos catchy encore pieces you just can’t get out of your head.»

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